E-cigarettes are good for your health – What reports reveal

E-cigarettes are good for your health – What reports reveal

As per a report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, there have been studies about the impact of e-cigarettes on the health of humans. The panel of experts had conducted an extensive review of research in this field and if you want to know some of the conclusions of the study, here are some findings that you should know.

E-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes

When electronic cigarettes are compared to traditional cigarettes, the former appear to be safer. Traditional cigarettes are few of the deadliest products that are available in the market for the consumers and they’re still liable for one among five deaths in the US. If you take an overview of the e-cigarettes, aerosol contains fewer levels of toxicants than the smoke that is found from tobacco cigarettes. There is enough evidence that substituting e-cigarettes for tobacco cigarettes reduce the exposure to various toxicants and carcinogens (which are all these in tobacco cigarettes).

There is also enough evidence about the fact that smokers who switched to vaping or electronic cigarettes found a vast improvement in their cardiovascular, dental and respiratory health. Hence, it can be easily proved that e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. However the committee and the authorities didn’t go too far to claim that electronic cigarettes are pretty safe and that switching from the conventional ones to vaping will help them save their lives and stop ruining their health.

There’s no proof about the long term impacts of e-cigarettes on the health of adolescents and there is also no evidence on the effect created by e-cigarettes on women who are pregnant. One more thing about e-cigarettes is clear and that is they can burn people after exploding and that the liquid present in such cigarettes are poisonous in the fatal sense.

The government authorities hinges on studying whether or not the e-cigarette market will overshadow the tobacco market and get maximum smokers to go for the switch to the electronic counterparts. As of now, the committee members agreed that e-cigarettes are way safer than tobacco cigarettes and there are expectations that this conversation will continue moving in a set direction which sees vaping as a harmful reduction tool.

On that note, it can also be interesting to see what exactly happens when e-cigarettes are marketed as better and safe alternatives to smoking. However, make sure you read the customer reviews from ECR UK before buying the first e-cigarette.

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