Cannabis Based Medicine Successfully Treat Patients with Epilepsy

Cannabis Based Medicine Successfully Treat Patients with Epilepsy

Experiments cannabis-based medicine has been successfully used in the treatment of children with epilepsy with severe and rare stage. Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors prove the benefits of cannabinoids, the active ingredient of marijuana inside. In a statement on the website Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida, marijuana as herbs considered to help cure many diseases, not just epilepsy.

From the trial of the Florida Medical Marijuana found that patients experienced an average decrease in the intensity of seizures by 39 percent in one month. It was much bigger than the use of placebo medication.

The trial is aimed at dealing with patients with Dravet syndrome, a condition which is somewhat more difficult to handle than epilepsy. Dravet itself is usually indicated as having behavioral problems, cognitive impairment, ataxia (a state of calm) as well as prolonged seizures. Dravet syndrome is one of the disasters that can be triggered by epilepsy in children. To handle this, the necessary treatment that is safe and effective.

This suggests that cannabinoids can produce clinically and can provide information and offer a promising new treatment class. It is said that centuries ago, marijuana is known as an herb that can treat various diseases. see the side effects that are owned, in its use required treatment from the experts.

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