Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits on Muscles

Recumbent Exercise Bike Benefits on Muscles

Your position will be in horizontal when you operate a recumbent bike because the pedals are in front of you, The recumbent bike is good for your cardiovascular exercise and is likened to a regular exercise bike, but there are differences in using both of them on the way there are made. The recumbent bike prevents pressure building at your lower back that will not make you slouch because it has a backrest.

And aside from taking pressure from the good areas at your lower back, you will also be using more muscles. That means engaging more from your muscular system that you ever had. Here are the following muscles that will be put into work when you stepped into the pedal and pedal your worries (and your extra fats) too!


Hamstrings, activating the knee

The main purpose of your hamstrings is activating the knee. They will be activated along with the quads in order to pull the foot back to the top of the pedalling cycle. They are opposing muscles, and they are located at the back of your upper thighs. Your hamstrings will be put into work when your lower leg from a straightened position will become into a bended position when you are pedaling top recumbent bikes.


Glutes, the muscles at your butt

Get your butt muscles grooving! If you haven’t known yet, the muscles that comprises your butt is called gluteus muscles or simply as glutes. The glutes will be engaged and your legs extend whenever you push the pedal down. How come these muscles will be goovin’? Because they will extend each time that your thigh will go to a position that will be close to a straightened body.


Calves, lower back of your legs.

Have you ever wondered how you could put your calf muscles into work? It is when you do the motion called the plantar flexion. How does a plantar flexion work? It is when you put your foot goes around and then downwards, you point your toes. That is how you work your calves.  Do you know where they are located? Just below the knees, they are located at the lower back part of your legs. The lower part is the soleus, and the upper part is the gastrocnemius.

Tibilais Anterior, opposite the calves

You probably have not heard about a certain muscle called the Tibilais Anterior, but it actually benefits when you do recumbent biking! Do you know where it is located? It is located opposite to the calves and run down the front of the shins! You can put them to work when during pedalling; you point your toes back towards your body.


Quads, the large muscles

The quads serve as the knee flexors. When you push the bike pedals, they assist the glutes at the recumbent bike. Did you also know that the largest muscles on the front of the thighs are the quadriceps? Aside from assisting the glutes, they pull the leg back up to the top again. The adductors, the smaller muscles of the inside of the quad, are also at work.

Abdominal muscles, balancing the upper body

The abdominal muscles or commonly known as abs balances the upper body and when you are cranking, they promote drive strength. They are really coming into play when you are pedalling.

Your muscles dictate how well you could actually carry out your tasks at hand. So if you take care of them by consistently activating them through exercise then you are on your way to a healthier you with toned muscles and more energy to bring out to the world through recumbent biking exercises!

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