Key Elements of an Excellent Executive Health Program

Key Elements of an Excellent Executive Health Program

The best executive health programs have a few key elements in place that are very similar. It is these fundamental ingredients that make the best programs for executive health stand out from the crowd. If your organization is looking for an executive health program, make sure you find a program that offers all these things and more.


At the centre of every executive health solution is the patient. Each patient brings a different set of needs and expectations to the table – and a different level of commitment to good short and long-term health. It is critical for executive health service providers to keep that in mind at all times and for them to offer programs that are designed to meet their medical, mental health, and emotional needs while helping them achieve their personal health and fitness goals.


One of the first, and most important, elements of any good health program is the physical examination. It needs to be more than a cursory glance and a passing appraisal of your vital signs. Your examination is the standard upon which your treatment plan is created. It needs to be thorough and complete and it should take place at least once a year in order to determine if any notable changes or areas of concern should be addressed. This is the first line of defense for your body and too important to entrust to an executive wellness program that doesn’t give it the proper prioritization.


It takes a team of experts to help you keep your body in tip top condition whether it’s for the boardroom, the family room, or the racquetball court. These experts must communicate effectively to ensure that you are getting the right treatment for your whole health picture and not just treating part of your problems or addressing some of your health needs in a vacuum. The body is one complex machine and it requires a group of experts working together to keep that machine operating as efficiently as possible. This helps executives like you enjoy a longer life and a greatly improved quality of life.


Finally, treatment without education is worthless. Patients need to understand their bodies as well as their conditions. Education about better health, better lifestyle choices, and the decisions people make daily that can have negative consequences for the sake of your help can help you better define your health and wellness goals and to achieve them more efficiently. Medcan offers education about a variety of things from the benefits of getting adequate sleep each night to nutritional education, fitness education, and education about specific health conditions, available treatments, and setting and achieving your individual health goals.

When exploring the many executive health solutions that are available today, make sure you consider the total package and look for programs that offer these critical elements at minimum. These things alone will help your company achieve greater things but boosting productivity, improving the health of your executives, and even help you build loyalty among your executives.

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