How do you recognize the use of anabolic steroids on your body?

How do you recognize the use of anabolic steroids on your body?

Let’s take a pair of pink glasses and admit that the area of fitness and bodybuilding is one of the sports where the frequency of use of forbidden substances is among the highest and far from being limited to those that their body feeds and where these substances are practically a condition for success. Women are no exception in this respect. According to the Striegel (2006) survey, regular athletes can experience steroidi anabolizzanti by nearly 20{24ef232960e8750a4390f214272e8770304a2ae4c5525668931cbe23e5567211} of men and 4{24ef232960e8750a4390f214272e8770304a2ae4c5525668931cbe23e5567211} of women.

What do we learn in today’s article?

How do banned substances divide by the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA?
What are the positive and negative effects of anabolic steroids.
Can a rapid increase in muscle be caused by a combination of protein creatine?
Why do men use the anabolic agent to enlarge the mammary gland, and there is an abundance of acne.

How to sign anabolic use on a female body.
That the use of anabolic substances in the spirit of fair play and health is not the right nut.

Nowadays, almost anyone can take anabolic steroids
, and it’s very likely that you meet someone in your fitness every day. Almost always, when someone suspicious of a bigger one, even bigger than ourselves, will see in the gym, the question arises: “How is it bigger than me? Is that the borec pure or something?” As you can guess, it does not matter on size alone, because it can be expressed not only in muscle mass, but also in excess of water and fat.

You will find it difficult to inquire about his body weight, height and percentage of body fat so that you can calculate his FFMI (the bodyless fat index). So there are other, fairly accurate physical signs that the individual “takes something”? We can say yes, even scientifically documented, and today’s article will bring you closer to these symptoms.

How do the WADA World Anti-Doping Agency divide prohibited substances?

Androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) are a group of substances including male sex hormone testosterone
and similar artificially produced hormones with similar effects. AAS, however, are not the only group of prohibited substances used in sport. The World Anti-Doping Agency divides banned substances into ten groups (S0-S9). Specifically, the AAS belongs to the S1 group.

The issue of AAS can not be perceived entirely black-and-white, and it is by no means possible to say that their use only brings negatives. AAS are also used in medicine as a supportive treatment for diseases with muscle mass loss. These include HIV, chronic liver and kidney disease, or postoperative conditions (Basaria, 2001).

The application of AAS in sports brings both the desirable effects for which they are used and, on the other hand, the negative (unwanted) effects their users face. In this article, however, we will only focus on those effects that are visible and “blinking” in the eyes at a glance. If, for the purposes of this article, we divide the visible effects of steroids and other substances on a positive one, that is, those which are the main reason for their use or a pleasant bonus, and the negative ones that occur to a greater or lesser extent, then we can get the following distribution .

Positive signs of using anabolic steroids

Rapid weight gain
Unusually developed area of shoulders, trapezias and upper areas of breast muscles

And now you know less negative negative signs

Gynecomastia (enlarged mammary glands in men)
Drained abdomen and wide waist (refers to growth hormone or insulin)

10 kg of good quality in 6 weeks or Creatine with Protein or AAS?

Anabolic steroids increase the synthesis of muscle proteins, which is considered the main mechanism of their effect. Another, less frequently mentioned mechanism, which is considered to be indirect, is the ability of testosterone and its derivatives to bind to cortisol hormone receptors to block its binding to them. Therefore, high doses of testosterone and its derivatives somewhat reduce the catabolic action of stress hormone cortisol (Basaria, 2001; Sheffield-Moore et al., 1999).

Based on a single anonymous survey among AAS users
, we will go on to describe the characteristic steroid cycle (Perry et al., 2005).What are the main characteristics of a typical steroid cycle?

The average duration of the use cycle is 5-10 weeks.

On average, three different substances with an anabolic effect (so-called stacking) are used simultaneously. Of many substances it simply grows and supports each other in their action.

The total weight gain may vary over a period of one treatment, but it can easily climb up to 10 kg of mass. The quality of the substance will be determined by the specific substances used, the training, the diet and the genetic predisposition.

So what is this rapid weight gain caused?

The main reason for rapid weight gain is the total dose of AAS and the type of steroid. Taking into account the average daily testosterone production of a young man, which most commonly ranges from 3-7 milligrams, and compare it with cure, which usually contains hundreds of milligrams of active substances per week, it is clear that this “signal” gives the muscle cells a huge impulse to growth (Vierhapper, 1997).

Almost every natural trainee in the first 2-3 years of productive training takes a substantial part of his lifelong muscle gains. If, after these early childhood starts, almost practically increases training from training, you can be sure that this rapid increase in weight does not mean finding a magical training split or a combination of protein, creatine and fast-acting sugars after training as you might want to talk about. AAS is responsible for such a rapid increase in quality body weight!

Another typical feature of anabolic steroid users is the unusually aesthetically active area of the shoulders, upper trapezias and breast muscles. Why is that so? This has to do with the concentration of androgen receptors to which testosterone and its related substances are bound. Once the substance is bound to this receptor, a cascade of events inside the cell is activated, resulting in increased muscle protein synthesis. It is precisely in this area that the receptor concentration is the highest, and therefore these parts best respond to AAS administration.

The smoothly rounded shoulders and the balanced development of all three heads of the delta muscles give this piece a kind of 3D look that is very hard to achieve naturally and can only be seen in individuals with a naturally higher testosterone level. An exercise role can also play an important role here.

Similarly, this applies to the upper breast area, which is difficult to properly isolate and stimulate exercise to growth. However, the high density of androgen receptors and administration of AAS, however, circumvents this problem gently. As a calf, on the contrary, the density of the androgen receptors is typically very low, so even large doses of AAS do not significantly increase this portion.

The high growth potential of the shoulders can be evolutionary!

Some authors also see an evolutionary reason in this high concentration of androgen receptors typical for the shoulder area. Broadly developed shoulders are always visible from a long distance, so they are a feature that can tell the neighborhood that a person with such shoulders has a higher level of testosterone, so it is not good to start with it and go into a duel. A similarly positive role could be played by this effect when selecting a partner and expanding their genes by offspring. Women broad shoulders tend to feel unconscious and can feel safe and safe for their offspring.

Gynecomastia or Bust are not just women

From positive anabolic manifestations to appearance we are now getting to those less pleasant. What do we mean by gynecomastia? Gynaecomastia is the undesirable effect of AAS manifested by the enlargement of the mammary gland tissue around the mammary nipples.
Should the breast gland increase only when estrogen is used?

How is it possible with this to be an anabolic problem when using it? The explanation is quite simple. The male sex hormone is very similar to the female sex hormone estrogen. They are even so similar that testosterone can produce estrogen directly (Shoham, 1996).

Transformation is responsible for enzymes called aromatase.

Even in a male organism, a certain amount of estrogen is normally synthesized from testosterone. The activity and the amount of these aromatases are determined by the amount of estrogen, and last but not least, the amount of testosterone in the body. The more testosterone delivered through the cure, the more theoretically the amount of estrogen that can enlarge the mammary gland and gynaecomastia is in the world (Simpson, 2001).

However, professional bodybuilders can minimize gynecomastia by estrogen receptor blocking agents

Individual differences in enzyme activity may also play a significant role here. Maybe you ask why gynecomastia is a minority affair with top bodybuilders? Profi-bodybuilders can treat estrogen by administering estrogen receptor blockers, hence the breast tissue does not have to respond to elevated estrogen levels (Aguirre, 2015; Goodsell, 2002).

Why does gynecomastia also occur in high-fat men without anabolic use?

However, as some of us have noticed, gynecomastia does not avoid even overweight and obese men who do not use anabolics. The enzyme aromatase is also found in adipose tissue. If there is more fat in the body, the total amount of aromatase in the body increases and it converts higher levels of testosterone to estrogen, whose elevated levels in gentle individuals may cause gynecomastia (Johnson & Murad, 2009).

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