Housewife Diet Tips Make Your Body Slim and Healthy Naturally

Housewife Diet Tips Make Your Body Slim and Healthy Naturally

Losing weight is not limited to young children who want to look slim and beautiful now for housewives too, diet is very important especially after giving birth to a body shape to become stretchy. However, not a few housewives complained about the difficulty of dieting because they were preoccupied with various routines at home ranging from taking care of their children and husbands to taking care of their home needs. Maybe only a housewife knows how difficult it is to take care of yourself to be able to go on a diet and eat healthy.
However, that does not mean housewives cannot go on a diet. Because in losing weight does not depend on free time, but the most important is a healthy diet that is maintained. If so, is there a way to diet for housewives that is easy to live and does not interfere with home routines? Well, here are tips for housewives who want to look slim without leaving home activities.

Make a meal schedule
This initial stage will regulate your meal time so that your weight slowly drops. Start planning breakfast time, lunch and dinner, don’t forget to find out how many calories the body needs. Make a simple breakfast menu that is as practical as a piece of bread with scrambled eggs, authentic wheat with a mixture of fruit or vegetables and many more practical breakfast menus.
By noon you can eat your lunch menu according to taste as long as it’s a standard portion. For dinner schedules, you should multiply vegetables and fruits, this is to make the digestive tract more smooth so that there is no accumulation of fat in the stomach. Avoid fatty foods that can trigger accumulation of fat in the stomach and make it a habit to drink one glass of water before eating.

Practical diet is not strictly regulated
You need to know that a strict diet is a new method for every woman who wants to have a slim body. However, what you need to do is not a strict diet but a practical diet that recommends eating healthy foods and calculating calorie intake. So don’t get it wrong because a strict diet can rob you of all your other activities.

Avoid eating because of boredom
When alone in the house sometimes will feel bored, do not use this time to eat snacks, if you are very hungry it would be good to choose vegetables and fruits as snacks that contain protein and certainly without fat. Not only that, sleeping right after finishing eating is a very bad habit, especially housewives who often do this.
Try to get around your meal and sleep time to make it more appropriate, for example, when you finish dinner you can chat with your husband or child for about 3 to 4 hours after that night and sleep.

Body movement
Even though there is no time to go to exercise either to a gym or other exercise site, you can still burn calories between your activities, such as cooking, watering flowers, cleaning the bed or washing clothes. All of these activities, of course, will gradually burn your fat, especially if accompanied by nutritious food intake.
But if there is free time you can also go to the nearest city park with your family either in the afternoon or every holiday at least once a week to exercise.

Cook for yourself
It is the duty of housewives to cook for their husbands and children with their favorite dishes. In maintaining weight and still eating healthy food, the mother also needs to cook for herself. So as much as possible set the diet menu and menu for the family to be able to control intake in meeting daily nutrition.

Add water and fruit or vegetable juice
You can get various nutritional needs from vegetables and fruits, but if you have limited time to consume it you can process it into juice to make it more practical and fast. In addition you can also drink water with a volume every day of 8 glasses or 4 liters. Water can cut fat in the body and control the body from lack of fluids, so you don’t get tired easily when undergoing a diet program.
You can apply various steps above (especially housewives) with “consistent” notes. If you have done the above activities, it is possible to lose weight. So who says housewives can’t diet? All can be done as long as in the right way and discipline.

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