Electronic cigarettes and vaping – What make them a safer alternative?

Electronic cigarettes and vaping – What make them a safer alternative?

Just as experts suggest that it is equally harmful for someone to inhale second-hand smoke, is it also true with second-hand vaping? There are several issues even with vaping electronic cigarettes but most of them are rarely known and understood by people. But before we move in to smoking cigarettes, we have to understand the basic fact that smoking tobacco cigarettes can kill people and according to the Centers for Disease Control, this is definitely by leading reason behind so many deaths in the US. One among five deaths in the US is caused due to smoking.

This is the reason behind the gaining popularity of electronic cigarettes as the smoking cessation tool and before you book one for yourself from online sources like https://www.buyv2cigs.co.uk/, you need to know why they’re so widely accepted in the society.

Americans are reportedly smoking less than before

The total number of smokers in the US is somewhat encouraging. Given the fact that the population of the US has grown over time, the net drop in the number of smokers is noteworthy. What has been the main reason behind the drop in the levels of smoking? It probably didn’t happen all of a sudden. The federal government has had a campaign against smoking, there has been surging taxes, ban on broadcast advertising and several other anti-smoking campaigns which promote a rather healthy lifestyle and also alert people about the health risks of smoking.

Apart from the above mentioned steps, there has also been an assortment of products to assist the smokers in ditching their habit of smoking. There’s everything from gums to patches, from prescription drugs to lollipops, lozenges and several other alternatives. The most recent addition are the e-cigarettes.

Vaping is the coolest trend

Though they were introduced way back in the 1960s, e-cigs came into the limelight since the past decade. They first appeared in Europe and since then they gained popularity in China and the US. The electronic cigarettes consist of a cartridge, an LED light and a battery. When you turn it on, the liquid is heated and the e-liquid is housed within a cartridge and this releases vapor or aerosol mist which the smoker vapes or inhales. The ingredients usually vary and they include nicotine, chemicals which vaporize the nicotine and flavors and additives.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is choosing to vape, you should consider the reasons which make them a popular and a healthier alternative than smoking.

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