Eat fruits and vegetables In order for the body to be healthy

Eat fruits and vegetables In order for the body to be healthy

Foods such as processed meat, instant noodles, may be well liked by children. But if it is offered fruit and vegetables, there is a picky and even refused.

A data of concern is indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Indonesian people, according to WHO, only consume fruits and vegetables only as much as 2.5 servings per day or 34.55 kg per year.

This amount is far below the recommendation of Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) for fruit consumption per capita of 73 kg per year. Very apprehensive indeed, but a lot of benefits from fruits and vegetables that we can get.

Fruits and vegetables have the content that makes our body healthy, such as: vitamins, enzymes, iron, fiber and other content that are beneficial to our body.

Pediatrician Specialist Consultant Gastrohepatlogy, said the need to emphasize a healthy lifestyle, among which is to consume fruits and vegetables. “The whole family needs to understand very well that fruits and vegetables contain a good variety of fiber, vitamins and minerals to support digestive health, help support growth, strengthen endurance and also improve learning ability”.

Some of the reasons we need to eat fruit and vegetables are:

Good content for our body.

Some fruits that are easy to meet have good content and benefits. For example papaya, which contains vitamin C, fiber, and helps digestion, helps constipation. Citrus fruits and tomatoes that contain lots of vitamin C. For vegetables, all kinds are good. For example moringa oleifera, this plant contains seven times more vitamin C than some fruits, such as orange; About four times more calcium than milk-based foods, such as the liquid itself; Vitamin A four times higher than that found in carrots; A total of 27{b096b062fee1522f1d6f13eec5384cce038c27ee3e16ab2272ecd06a86316015} in protein, the same found in some cuts of beef; In addition, it has the vitamins B, E and beta carotene, and minerals like iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and some others.

Fiber is very good for the body

Previously we need to know, the fiber that enters our body is fermented by good bacteria in the gut and then produce fatty acids, one of them called butirat. Butirat best function. Well, if butirat to the brain will prevent alzhaimer disease in the elderly, and in children good to concentrate in learning. In addition, fiber helps reduce allergies in children, according to recent research.

It is important to be introduced from the womb

Our stomach is the second brain. If, we eat healthy food, our intestines healthy, automatically our mood will be good. Well good mood is very important we planted early on. Since pregnancy, the mother has been eating fruit. So the child is used to smell the aroma of fruits and vegetables, so the time is not familiar with the fruits and vegetables. In addition, diseases (not infectious), such as constipation, diabetes, and obesity, will be spared from our bodies.

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