Delicious Culinary Foods in Medan

Delicious Culinary Foods in Medan

When talking about the culinary field, it wants to return to the capital city of North Sumatra. Terrain is one of the Indonesian culinary heaven. The influence of Malay, Arabic and Chinese make Culinary North Sumatra be very varied. Undeniable deliciousness. To be able to taste all these recommendations we need at least 3 days. How interested vacation to Medan? Discover the sensation in some of the following places:

  1. nasi lemak “NUSA INDAH”

Search for breakfast? this place is the answer. A public eating that providing coffee or nasi lemak with typical dishes Medan, vegetables, anchovies and sambal balado jerky thing to try. Portions were enough to start our day with renewed vigor. The food stalls crowded with customers, especially the weekends, when many people hunt breakfast. customers more locals, meaning this Nasi Lemak original flavors. Located on Red Cross street.


The noodles were thin and chewy, topped with chicken and mushrooms with a delicious flavor savory noodle making is becoming very popular in Medan. As an acculturation Chinese food, then the same at first glance like chicken noodle soup in general. But I recommend the duck vermicelli message, this one tastes very delicious. Complete with traditional milk coffee in order to feel that we were enjoying chicken noodles in Medan; because that’s what sets it apart. Coming to Kumanggo No. 15 street, open 6:30 to 11:00 am only, Sunday closed.


Soto Kewasan is not only filled with chicken and meat but also shrimp. That is why settlers would come here when I want to enjoy Soto Kesawan. The sauce is not too thick with a distinctive flavor make this a popular one in Medan. Popped into Ahmad Yani 116 street.


Soup stall is never empty of visitors. Soto with gravy is thick and rich in herbs is delicious eaten with hot rice. For those who do not like coconut milk can select menu of chicken soup or meat soup with a clear broth. Will be more enjoyable when accompanied by bakwan and hot tea fresh. Please stop by to Sei Deli – Simpang Gatot Subroto street, open hours of 07:00 to 14:00


Well this one is a must-see. Tourism Minister Mr. Arief Yahya always set up time to enjoy durian if you happen to Medan. Uniquely this place is allowed to vent their customers desire to eat durian dish with a pile of durian were ready to be selected. Durian Medan is very popular not be surprised if the derivatives are Tiramisu Pancake and durian becomes the most hunted-by tourists when it comes to Medan. The good news in the new outlet located at Wahid Hasyim street open 24 hours.

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